What 2018 Conference Attendees Had to Say…

 “Thank you so much for a wonderful conference! I so loved your real, do-now activities and positive messages for teachers.”

“Thanks for the rejuvenation, validation, and inspiration…This is my 16th year of teaching and I had yet to find a conference that so adequately met my needs as a secondary English teacher—until now.”

 “What an incredible experience…I'm already planning PLCs around two particular strategies for my teachers!”

Conference hospitality was better than any I’ve ever experienced. I felt like I was on Oprah!”

 “This conference really filled my toolbox. You’ve given me the courage and confidence to try something new, and my discouraged, heavy heart new life.”

“I can take your strategies straight to the classroom!”

“Love the new ways of looking at vocabulary. So engaging!”

 “So many useful things I can’t wait to try!”

“Loved the GRAMMAR ideas! So many things I can take back to the classroom and use NOW!”

“Amazing conference! Thank you for all the gifts, hospitality, skills, and ideas. Let’s do it again!”

 “You are a teacher’s teacher. Reminded me of why I do this.”

“Such a nice, welcoming feeling. Fabulous door prizes! And I learned so much!”

“Conference hospitality was above and beyond what I expected.”

“All aspects of hospitality were amazing! Really appreciated the reception, food, gifts, and especially your presence.”

“Enjoyed tying in college readiness…loved your perspective as both high school and college teacher.”

“When I came here I had in my mind maybe teaching isn’t for me. I feel unloved and unworthy in my school…Thank you for making me feel loved and that my job matters.”

“Loved that we got to DO the activities instead of you just telling us about them.”

“The timing of this conference is perfect; my “batteries” were just starting to get low.”

“Will start using your ideas TOMORROW and can’t wait till next year!”